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I didn’t want to delay the class of 2023's celebration with the customary administrator speech at their June graduation ceremony. Instead, I reflected on the milestones in their lives, and the many goals they have achieved. I wanted to punctuate the end of their K-12 educational journey and recognize the knowledge accrued. Through this experience, academic knowledge, developed life skills, they have become wise. Each path will be unique. They are unique, and yet, they have a similar task ahead; defining and becoming the very best version of themself. Whether that pursuit is through Military Service, University, Technical College, or entering the workforce, they will be challenged. I urged each of them to embrace the hardships on their path to success.

One does not have to drive too far down memory lane to relive the successes of this past year. State champions for football and girls basketball, academic successes by a variety of measures, musical and performance achievements; there are so many accomplishments we can be proud of. If you think back to them, I’m guessing that you can couple that experience of success with a specific challenge or hardship. I’m sure none of them were easy, if they were, everyone would win state athletic titles, state-level music and performance awards, or be academically exceptional.

We all know this. There is no easy way, there is no shiny new thing. There is hard work, discipline, and becoming our best selves. Sometimes, becoming our best selves is acknowledging what we could do better, next time. This requires critical thinking.

If we, at KM, did our job right, we challenged this class. I hope they were all properly challenged across the curriculum and throughout the grades. In the future, maybe next year, I ask that they let us know how we did. If KM is to become its best self, it will not be easy and it will not be without hardship. We are all in this together. We - teachers, families, friends - are still here to tell them we see them as graduates who have accomplished amazing feats at KM. They’ve become adults with incredible futures ahead. We are extremely proud of the class of 2023 and we thank them for allowing us to share their journey.

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