About KM Global

Vision: Learners Making an Impact

Mission: To empower students to develop and use their unique potential to contribute to their local and global communities.

Educational Vision: KM Global is designed for a generation of learners who wish to experience education with purposeful interaction and influence through the Know- Be- Do framework. The school provides the opportunity for students to learn and grow by exploring and making an impact on the things that matter to themselves and to their community. KM Global incorporates a unique curriculum, assessment framework, and delivery model to build a comprehensive learning environment that enables students to attain educational goals.

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Our Four Pillars

Investigate: Experience purposeful learning by investigating curiosities, perspectives, personal strengths and career goals.

Lead: Develop essential skills to be an everyday leader.

Contribute: Build confidence while making powerful, impactful contributions to your community.

Innovate: Work collaboratively to develop new ideas and solutions through flexible, innovative thinking.

KM Global prepares students to be leaders who MAKE AN IMPACT on their community. Students collaborate with teachers and peers in a flexible learning environment that promotes responsibility and independence. Graduates receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in a competitive global environment.

Community Partners

Thank you to the following community partners who have provided our students with relevant learning opportunities in the field.  These partnerships provide our students with valuable experiences that enhance their inquiry research, coursework, and career exploration.

Community partners help our students in a variety of ways including field trips, guest presentations, community research, job shadowing, externships, and internships. Please contact Andi Kornowski at kornowsa@kmsd.edu if you are interested in working with our school and students.

KM Global Introduction

A quick overview of KM Global from a student and educator perspective.

KM Global Insights

The main aspects of KM Global's environment, community, schedules, field experience, and inquiry. 

Students' Perspective

Students share details about workload, activities, opportunities, inquiries and capstones.

Parents' Perspective

KM Global parents discuss favorite parts of KM Global, as well as experiences with teachers and their role in student learning.