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As of Nov. 25, F2F classes to resume as planned Nov. 30

The following letter from Superintendent Dr. Patricia F. Deklotz was sent to KM parents/guardians Nov. 25.


Dear parents and guardians,


I met with the leadership of the district yesterday afternoon to review the COVID data that informs our district's decision making.  Fortunately, our COVID numbers, while rising, are not as significant as in other areas of Waukesha County. I reviewed those numbers with the KM school board in last night's meeting. A recording of the meeting is available on our Vimeo page if you want to hear the information that was shared. 


At this point in time, we are keeping with our plans to resume face-to-face learning on November 30 as scheduled. I will continue to monitor the numbers over the weekend and the numbers may change.  As we move forward, decisions to move our F2F learning to distance learning will continue to be made based on our ability to staff our schools and the spread we see among our students. Your efforts to mitigate spread outside of school plays a very important role in keeping our schools open. We want to make decisions based on a class, grade level or school rather than to move the entire district to distance learning. While that strategy has been effective for us in the past 12 weeks, we are not certain it will continue to be effective moving forward. The numbers will drive the decisions.


Contact tracing demonstrates the number one place of COVID spread is within the family. That is where we let down our guard and we interact freely, many times out of necessity and sometimes out of choice. There are many months ahead that will require everyone to be diligent with personal mitigation efforts and your choices impact our ability to stay open. While we remain convinced every day we have with students in our buildings is a better day for the majority of our students, that will only continue to happen when mitigation efforts are observed, both in school and out of school.


As we enter the Thanksgiving weekend, I thank you for demonstrating your concern for the safety of our staff by making personal sacrifices. They notice your behaviors and it is greatly appreciated when you support their safety and well being. Do not send your child(ren) to school when they have symptoms of illness. Keeping them home eliminates or reduces the impact of quarantine, which helps to keep our schools open. Always report symptoms, test results, and illness. We need accurate data. If you travel, self-quarantine to avoid bringing exposure from another area into our communities. Limit or eliminate activities that “expand your bubble.” Use face coverings and social distance to keep our schools open. Redefine your traditions and habits. Your partnership and support during this very stressful time are critically important.  While the promise of a vaccine is on the horizon, that horizon is still far away. I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving break.



Patricia F. Deklotz, Superintendent