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News from Guidance- Mrs. McAboy

Guidance Class News

In Guidance classes we have been working on identifying and managing emotions.   When we feel strong emotions it is hard to think clearly. Focusing attention on your body gives you clues about how you are feeling.  Students learned to use a stop signal and name your feeling when using the Calming-Down steps. Using belly breaths and positive self-talk are great strategies when calming down high intense emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Anxiety and embarrassment.  It’s great to have conversations about intense feelings with your child and safe people they can talk to when they feel these intense emotions. In March, we will begin our unit on Problem solving. Students who can solve interpersonal conflicts with peers are less likely to engage in impulsive or aggressive behaviors.  

I have included  articles on What to do and not to do when Children are Anxious and how to cope with an overly emotional child.



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Amy McAboy, School Counselor