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News from Guidance- Mrs. McAboy

Guidance Class News

Students in First through fifth have been learning the three different communication styles (aggressive tornado, passive breeze and the assertive sun).  We worked on I statements in groups and I encouraged them to use I statements when trying to communicate thoughts and feelings. For Example: I feel __________ When you _________ Can you please stop.  My goal is for them to identify their feelings and communicate their thoughts using assertive communication.   

Kindergarten students made puppets of Kelso the Frog .The were introduced to Kelso the frogs friends that live in Willow Pond  and learned the importance of showing empathy to our friends. We also went over Good manners and Bad Manners and the importance of showing good manners at school, home and in the community. 

Group Counseling

Lunch Bunch groups have started and parents letters have gone out to students who have been placed in a group.  Topics include: Anxiety and Stress Management, Changing Families, Social Skills, Behavior Management and Friendship skills.  


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Amy McAboy, School Counselor