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Summer Academy Schedules Available, Registration Still Open

Summer Academy schedules are now posted in Infinite Campus.  Registration is reopened and remains open through Summer Academy. Course registration now becomes first come, first served.
Course selections are based on the student’s CURRENT grade level. 
To register online, please follow these steps: 
  • Log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal at campus.kmsd.edu 
  • Select Student • Select/Change school to “Summer Academy” (below student name)
  • Click “Course Search”
  • Search for courses using either Course Name or the complete Course Number
  • Click on desired course and either Request this Course or Request as an Alternate
  • Once all desired courses have been requested, the information is saved and you are free to log out.  
In-person course selection will continue to be available through a fillable/printable form. This form can be printed and brought or sent in to the District Office or emailed to Heather Lucas at lucash@kmsd.edu. All course selection forms, submitted online or in-person, will be considered in the lottery. Priority will be given to Kettle Moraine resident students and open enrolled students.
Non-resident students can turn in selection forms in person or via email, starting March 20.
If you have not already done so,  click here to download a copy. 

  • When searching for courses during online registration you should search by either course name OR course number, not by both. If searching course name, enter only a portion of the full course name. Example: For the course “Beading Bash” simply type “bead” and search. If searching by course code, you must type in the full code followed by a dash (-) and the course period you would like. Example: To search for K-2 Basketball during the fourth period you would search EA0036-4.
  • During registration only 5 periods will show up as “requested.” All others will appear as “alternate.” This means that all extra courses, such as Band Camp, Babysitting, Online classes, Bus, etc. will and should appear as “alternate.”
  • To add the bus to your child’s schedule you should search for the course titled “Bus” and select the route you would like your child to take.
  • After selecting courses to fill your child’s schedule, there is NOT a submit button. As long as you can see all of the selected courses, they have gone through the system and are already “submitted” as requests.
  • If a course or a section of a course has reached its maximum capacity it will no longer show up in a course search, since you are unable to register for it. 
VIEWING YOUR CHILD’S SCHEDULE: All Summer Academy schedules will be available through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal as students are assigned to classes. To view your child’s schedule:
  • Log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal at campus.kmsd.edu
  • Select Student • Select/Change school to “Summer Academy” (below student name)
  • Click on Schedules from the left menu Please check your child’s schedule to ensure there are no gaps. If there are, please select new courses to fill those gaps. 

Summer Academy 2017
Location: Kettle Moraine High School
Date:  June 19 - July 28, 2017  (No classes July 3 and 4)
Time:  8:00am-12:35pm

Questions about Summer Academy?
Heather Lucas
Summer Academy Coordinator
(262) 968-6300 ext 5325


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