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Fusing of the Focuses: A KM Perform Collaboration Story

Spending Mother’s Day filming in a basement with four other people might not be ideal. The fact that the set was cramped and it was a little hot down there doesn’t make the situation any better. However, the few days spent on the set of Fusion were very fun, and I am very thankful that I was included in the process. I got to work with some of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Alex Meeth and Ethan Suhr wrote and directed the short film Fusion, which went on to win three awards in the 2015 Kettle Moraine Film Festival; as well, it was featured in the youth category at the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival. Ethan and Alex, while they were the leaders, were not the only ones involved. Students from each focus in KM Perform came together to create music, set, script, and assist in the filming process. Without each pillar of KM Perform, Fusion would not have had the success it was so fortunate to receive.

After the great accomplishments of Fusion at the high school film festival, Alex and Ethan decided to enter the film into the youth category of the Milwaukee Film Festival. They filled out an online submission, providing all the needed information about Fusion. A few weeks later, they got an email that they were accepted into the Film Festival.

The day of the Milwaukee Film Festival was a great experience for everyone involved. Alex, Ethan, and their families were there, along with Noel Cramer, an actor in the film. Spenser Bower, the creator of the model spacecrafts seen in the film, also attended. The atmosphere was upbeat and exciting. The youth films were shown in the Oriental Theatre, which was built in 1927. It was clear that all of the filmmakers were very honored to have their films shown in such a beautiful theater and be involved in such a professional festival. “Both screenings of Fusion have been a certain degree of surreal to me. I feel like I've seen the film hundreds of times, from editing the clips, to previewing rough cuts. Every time I see things to change, but there's something freeing about letting that go,” says Ethan.

Now that the film festivals are over, Alex and Ethan have been reflecting on the process, thinking about the things they learned, the things they would do differently next time, and the teamwork that was involved. When asked what he learned, Alex said, “I learned a ton about all aspects of film, being only my second film endeavor. I wouldn't change the experience for anything. And Ethan was definitely a big part of that... I don't know what I would have done without him.”

As for the future, Alex and Ethan both said that they have a couple of ideas in the works. It is clear that we can expect great things from these very talented individuals.


Natalie DeRoche

Natalie DeRoche