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Three Little Kittens Found Their Mittens

There’s a Mother Goose rhyme that goes “the three little kittens, they lost their mittens, and they began to cry…”. People, as well as kittens, lose their mittens from time to time, and sometimes it’s someone else’s job to find them. By producing a film entitled “Red Mittens”, three Creative Writing students from KM Perform convinced their viewers to take a look through their closets. During their short video, Emily Giombi, Natalie DeRoche, and Ethan Suhr reveal that giving to the community can be as simple as donating a pair of mittens.

This February, the White House held a Student Film Festival competition that received over one thousand entries from students kindergarten through 12th grade that spoke to the year’s theme. The 2015 theme was “The Impact of Service and Giving Back”. Author and director of the film, Natalie DeRoche says, “Last year, when we were all freshman, Ethan, Emily, and I wanted to do it but it never worked logistically for us. This year, we thought we would give it another shot. We had a more detailed plan and schedules were more open. I'm really glad we waited until this year to enter.”

An email from the White House reported that “Our team reviewed your film, and we are excited to announce that your film is among those receiving ‘Honorable Mention’ at this year's festival.”After being judged on creativity, originality, and technical quality, “Red Mittens” was awarded one of the 277 honorable mentions given out this year. Camera operator (along with Emily Giombi) and video editor, Ethan Suhr says, “I was quite psyched to hear about the honorable mention. It's truly satisfying to see our hard work pay off and that each little hiccup along the way was worth it in the end.” Every story can be told through words or through actions. Let yours be the latter.

The three little kittens, they found their mittens.”


Meghan Pfeiffer