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Shakespeare Gets Jazzy

The Kettle Moraine High School Drama Club put on a spectacular performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night the weekend of March 27th.  Over the course of three performances, the actors poured their hearts into this jazzy rendition of the classic Shakespearean play. The idea to modernize the structure of the story was thought up by the cast’s director, the one and only Gwen Zupan. A Jazz band was kept onstage through the entire performance, giving music to moods and playing back up for Kirsten Krechel’s performance of “Feste,” as the singing fool.

Perform offered a seminar inspired by the play, giving Twelfth Night academic ties. Students were given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the era, learn more about Shakespeare and his writing, and earn credit. “It was super informative. I got to understand what all the characters were saying when we read, acted, and saw the movie Twelfth Night,” stated Naomi Kalter, a student who took the offered course. “We had to analyze the play and look at the deeper meanings behind the words. Also, for theatre focus foundations, I needed a monologue target and I did a monologue from the show.”

This was the last production of the school year for the KM Drama Club. Look for some of the members in the upcoming summer production of Pirates of Penzance!


Kelsi Morris

April, 2015