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KM Marching Band Takes Orlando By Storm

Three buses sat outside of the Kettle Moraine High School on February 24th, waiting to be filled with the heavy load of band students and their instruments. Excitement was thick in the air as each bus number was called off to the anxious group of teenagers packed into the foyer of the High School, anticipating the KM Marching Band’s performance in the “Festival of Fantasy” parade taking place in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

“The band began preparing for Florida in January by memorizing the piece of music “Quest” and working on marching during rehearsals,” Mrs. Catania explained, one of the directors of the band. “Students had been fundraising and preparing for the fun they would have way back in September when the trip was first introduced to the students and sign-up began. Students were very excited to learn about the different parks they would get to experience and the newfound independence as the band traveled south, some for the first time in their lives without their families.”

One of the band students that went on the trip was senior Rylie Morris. “We played really well,” Rylie said. “On the day of the parade it was raining and cold, but we still pulled through with a great performance.” The trip was an overall success, and the parade itself certainly wasn’t the only reason to go. “The parks were really fun as well,” Rylie Morris also stated. “This was my second time on this trip, and it was more fun than ever. I got to know my fellow bandmates better, and my fellow drum-majors and I had a lot of fun directing them.”

The teachers see the value in the trip as well. “The purpose of travel is multifaceted: we travel in band to provide an authentic performance for an audience that a higher level of preparation is needed in order to achieve the optimal result,” Mrs. Catania said.  “We travel to bring the band together in a way that provides lasting memories and friendships. We also travel to provide students an opportunity to experience the world in a way through music that they may not have experienced in the past.”

The KM Marching Band has performed at Disney World 5 times in the past 13 years, each performance awarding them a Mickey Mouse trophy to keep as a symbol of their outstanding performance during the parade. The KM Marching Band is looking forward to their next opportunity to perform at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


Kelsi Morris

April, 2015