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The Music of the Past: Madrigal Dinner

Hear ye, Hear ye! The Kettle Moraine High School choirs hosted the annual Madrigal Dinner on February 21st at 5pm and February 22nd at 4pm. All choral students worked tirelessly on learning music from the Renaissance period to perform. “The choirs work months on the music, styling it like how it would've been back then. Music should be the focal point of the show,” Emily Giombi, a KM Perform choir student, stated.

But music isn’t the only reason to attend each year. To be truly thrown back in time, the students wore costumes, spoke English from the Elizabethan era, and even transformed the gyms to look like a castle. Decorating the gym, the costumes, and most importantly, the music, are all in hopes that the people that came to see the show are able to envision what it would be like hundreds of years ago,” Emily stated.

But why does Kettle Moraine do this every single year? “We do this because it is a great opportunity to learn about a distinct style of choral that remains vital and valid after hundreds of years.” Todd Jaeger, a Kettle Moraine Choir teacher said in an interview. “Plus, we can learn about Renaissance-era European culture in general through this multi-faceted experience.”

The Madrigal Dinner is an amazing combination of students working together for this performance and it is an event you won’t want to miss when it comes back next year!


Lauren Gennerman

February, 2015