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Short, Short Film Festival

The Second Annual Short, Short Film Festival will take place March 20th from 7-9pm, in the Kettle Moraine High School auditorium, free of charge. All of the films featured in the festival will be created by Writing Focus students, and the majority of the films will be made by underclassman who are taking Writing Survey, a required course for all writing focus students.

In film survey, all students must make one fiction film and one documentary film. These films are usually 1-5 minutes. After making these two videos, students may decide which genre of film they want to do for their final film which will be entered in the Short, Short Film Festival. These films are 5-10 minutes long. There are two categories: fiction and documentary. After all of the films are viewed, the audience will vote for one fiction piece and one documentary. The winners will be announced at the end of the night.

Last year, there were films ranging from horror to personal interest stories, and the audience can expect the same variety again this year. The Writing Focus students hope to see you there!


Natalie DeRoche

February, 2016