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Stepping into the Past: Letters to Sala

Imagine living during the Holocaust. Horrifying, right? Recently, The Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance teamed up with the KMHS Drama Club to build a museum-style display for the Drama Club’s upcoming show, “Letters to Sala.”  

The production was adapted from the letters of Holocaust survivor, Sala Garncarz. The exhibit showcased many real people who lived in various Nazi concentration camps, as well as general information about the Holocaust as a whole. Actors, backstage crew, customers, and students worked rigorously to display an accurate representation of the time period, and they even received an exciting letter from the playwright herself, Arlene Hutton.

Both the museum exhibit and the show took place at 7 PM on November 14th and 15th and 2 PM on November 16th. The audience was very pleased to take part in an experience that was both tear-jerking and eye opening.


Ellie Koput

November, 2014