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Emily's Corner: Going Green: A Guide to MyLC

Dear Emily,

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about being “green” or “red” in MyLC. What does that mean and how do I ensure that that doesn’t happen to me?



Goal Griever

When it comes to logging on to the myLC portal, seeing anything that isn’t green can feel like a giant red flag. But what do you do if this happens to you? I’m going to walk you through how to go green when it comes to your goals, credit, and academic excellence in MyLC.

The badges on the left hand side of your myLC homepage are made up of four categories: Academic Excellence, Progress in Goals, Completed Credit, and Attendance. Each of these are essential when it comes to measuring your productivity and credit in KM Perform, and each is used for a different purpose.

Academic Excellence is the measurement of using the habits of mind and applying them to the classroom setting. During my time at KM Perform, Academic Excellence has evolved from a score of a student’s involvement in a classroom to something much deeper. ¨We also think a lot about what skills students will need in order to be successful post-graduation. Oftentimes these skills are not found in academic targets, so Academic Excellence evolved as a way to help students and teachers track these "life skills." says Ms. Roznowski, an orchestra mentor in KM Perform. ¨To earn a 5 in Academic Excellence, focus on the first word of each target: Organization, Quality, Time Management, Persistence, Curiosity, and Flexible Thinking. Students receive a 5 for exemplifying these traits.¨

The next category, Progress in Goals, is arguably the most important of the sections. Course goals are set at the very beginning of the year between a student and their mentor. Goals are meant to be a tracker for a student’s progress in the completion of credit.  A particular student may be behind on their goals because they are not doing work that directly pertains to their goals. This can be improved by taking seminars that are tailored to a student’s goals rather than their interests.

Completed Credit is a compilation of both credit earned in goals and credit completed outside of goals. Since this is all of the credit a student is earning in KM Perform for the school year, if a student is in the red, it means that that they aren’t completing enough credit in KM Perform. Completed credit does not include evidence, it only includes completed competencies. Simply completing evidence assigned as classwork can remedy this issue.

The final section, Attendance, is a measure of how many class periods a student has missed. If this is a problem, set up a meeting with your mentor to craft a solution. Once the issue is worked out, your attendance badge should eventually turn green. It is the student’s responsibility to be in class and on time, otherwise they might be marked “tardy” or “absent”, which are both reflected in their myLC.

Once green, it is easier to stay green. Catching up, however, is a bit more of a difficult feat. These helpful tips and general overview will hopefully be the key to being green!



Emily Giombi


Emily Giombi

April, 2017