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Get Amped for the Release Party!

Not many people take advantage of the opportunity to get their art or writing into the public view. The production of quality work takes time and energy, submitting to contests may cause financial issues, and many competitions do not offer feedback on the work submitted. Unlike other writing submission outlets, the KM Perform literary journal, Ampersand Pages, is completely free to enter and supports the artistic community.

“The first edition of KM Perform’s literary journal, Ampersand Pages, was released in the spring of 2016. It was founded to give Writing Focus students an opportunity to learn about the publishing process and give them an outlet for their writing beyond the classroom,” says Mrs. Suhr, one of the founders and advisors of the journal. “We also welcomed submissions from all of [KM] Perform because we know that even non-writing-focus students like to have readers for their work. Visual art students, too, get another avenue for sharing their work with viewers.”

Another benefit of Ampersand Pages is the work that appears in the journal can be used as a publishing credit on a resume. The editorial board experiences a behind-the-scenes understanding of what it takes to put together a publication and, again, can add this to their list of skills/accomplishments on their resume.

Ampersand Pages was recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English who gave it an EXCELLENT rating in its Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines (PRESLM) competition, one of only six journals to be recognized statewide.  

This year’s edition of Ampersand Pages will be released on May 2nd, and the release party will be held on May 2nd as well. Be sure to come out and support all of the writers and artists whose work is in this year’s edition!


Alex Sheppard

April, 2017