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Take an Amper[stand] and support KM Perform’s award winning literary magazine. Ampersand Pages is Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance’s literary magazine. It give students a place to share their work in a safe and credible way. The idea for this literary magazine began to come to life in the summer of 2015. “The idea for Ampersand Pages was really a collaborative effort. After looking at places to submit our writing for free, I was really frustrated with how little opportunity there was for us. I knew that Mrs. Suhr was interested in starting a writing project at school, so it was a perfect transition,” said Lauren Gennerman, one of the senior Chief Editors. Since the first edition was released last year, some great things have occurred for the magazine.

“Any student from any focus in Perform can submit to Ampersand. We also encourage art submissions!” said Reagan Boland, another senior Chief Editor. Students can submit writing in the categories of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. Each category has a few guidelines to follow when considering submission. These guidelines include word limits, picture size (for art submissions), line count (or word count), and a few others. Students can submit any original work that they have created, at any point in their high school career.

The staff that runs the magazine is made up of all KM Perform students with a parent and teacher supervisor. Mrs. Kim Suhr, who works as a writer at Red Oak Writing, is the parent supervisor and Mr. Weber, one of the writing focus mentors at Perform, is the teacher supervisor. The student staff is made up of Lauren Gennerman, and Regan Boland, who are the Chief Editors. Ethan Suhr is the editor of nonfiction, Holly Meyers is the fiction editor, and Kurtis Polodna is the poetry editor. There are three junior editors as well, Alison Bishop, Alex Sheppard, and Megan Pfieffer.

The first edition of Ampersand Pages was launched May 20th, 2016, which can be purchased on Amazon, here. The second edition will be released in the spring of 2017. Submissions are now closed for the year, but will open again in the winter of 2017. The momentum from the first edition is still going, however, as the magazine recently won an award. “Our recent award was through the National Council of Teachers of English, wherein they look at "Excellence in Student Literary Magazines". We were awarded third in Wisconsin, which was a huge honor.” Gennerman stated. Ampersand Pages placed just behind Signatures, Marquette University High School’s literary magazine. You can view the list of awards here.

KM Perform would like to congratulate the staff and all those who submitted to the first edition on this great accomplishment. We look forward to seeing what this next year has in store for the second edition.


Kate Schleich

March, 2017