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KM Perform is Adding Color to Accounting

You can account on KM Perform to bring color to any project. A group of five art focus students, along with a few theatre and writing focus students, have joined together to film and produce creative media for the Universal Color Accounting curriculum, a company that creates software for self-taught accounting in color. For three weeks in KM Perform’s 2nd workshop series, students worked with the director of Universal Color Accounting, Mark Robilliard, and teacher, Mr. Jesse Vanderband. The students had until the 20th of January to film 30 video lessons, animate an intro/outro, draw up a character logo, record voiceovers for lessons, and shoot and edit over 80 photos. The team went above and beyond the director’s expectations. So how did they get the chance to produce this content?

Mark Robilliard, the director, recently moved from Australia to the Delafield area. He came to one of KM Perform’s orientation nights to look for a school for his daughter and was impressed by the work he saw by the students. The company was also actively seeking secondary education to provide them with opportunities over professional teams complete the project.This provided students the opportunity to add a unique experience to their portfolio and resume as well as having a possible opportunity  to work with Color Accounting International in the future.

The students involved with the project were Maddi Racine, Alex Crucius, Steven Radichel, Grace Kanter, Cal Blachowski, along with voice actors and hand models Lauren Gennerman, Tamsin Olson, and Noel Cramer. In the 3 week period, the team worked each day to prepare for shooting and editing. This required them to audition talent, find spaces to film, and get the necessary equipment to do so. The students’ feedback on this project was very positive. They each had an opportunity to learn or try something new such as photography, recording, and filming. “At first working on this project I was hesitant,” said senior Art Focus Maddi Racine. “I had no prior knowledge of accounting and very little about film or photography. I learned so much from being part of this team.” Robilliard remarks, “Honestly, it was better than I expected!”

The project was a success for the director and the students. All of the students were able to finish individual projects before the deadline and they produced the material professionally. The students felt they even learned a bit about accounting in the process! Color Accounting International’s feedback was ‘We were delighted to partner with KM Perform in building a new online commercial training product. The students were motivated and professional in their approach to what was a large, complex and fluid project. Challenges and roadblocks were quickly overcome and second-best was never good enough. We are thrilled with the outcome of the student team’s hard work and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Thank you KM Perform for facilitating this terrific experience.” The outcome of this project goes to show that you can always account on KM Perform to produce professional work.

Grace Kanter

February, 2017