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The Wonderful Ritz of Oz

I don’t think we’re in KM anymore, but we are at The Ritz. On Saturday February 18th, all of the KM orchestras will be hosting their yearly production titled The Ritz. This years theme is The Wonderful Ritz of Oz, and the night’s repertoire will include swing, jazzy ballads, waltzes, polkas, pop, and, of course, music relating to The Wizard of Oz.

The KM orchestras started doing The Ritz in 1994 after the group traveled to Europe and attended a similar event. The group decided they wanted to bring the fun back home to KM and thus began The Ritz. The Ritz serves two purposes; to raise money for future travel for the orchestra, and to teach students about the event production side of the music industry.

When asked about what she liked about The Ritz, orchestra teacher Mrs. Lauren Roznowski stated, “As a teacher, I like watching my students grow as leaders and independent musicians. Watching them problem-solve and work together is wonderful!” In an interview with KM orchestra students Danielle Kelly, she talked about her favorite part of the night, “My favorite part is watching people dance, especially the old people who still get down and boogy. The ritz is a night, planned by students in which people can come and eat dinner, listen to music, and dance their hearts out.”  

The Ritz is a fundraising gala that includes not only  dinner, dancing, live music, but a silent auction as well.  The orchestra, of course, plays music revolving around the year’s theme and provides entertainment the entire night. If you want to be blown away to a whole new level of high school orchestra concerts, then there’s no need to click your heels three times. Just come to KM orchestra’s: The Ritz.


Maile Reidel

February, 2017