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Wanna Break a World Record?

High school is a time for exploring your passions and getting to know more about yourself and what you like to do. Many people do this by joining activities like sports, language clubs, music ensembles, or political activism groups. But while students are able to grow from the experiences with these club, there are not often many opportunities to give back. However, Kettle Moraine’s Unity Club, a group that aims to empower students of color and begin a conversation about appreciating differences, is changing that.

On January 6th, Unity Club is hosting a world record breaking event at the girl’s basketball game against Arrowhead: the most people sitting on one chair while playing kazoos. Unusual, yes. But there is something else unusual about this event. Nine different groups are partnering with Unity Club to make this happen: Gender Equality Club, KM Global, French Club, Best Buddies, GSA, Bluegrass Club, LOA, Student Senate, and ESCAPE Club.

When asked about the partnerships, Gender Equality Club President, Abby Shubert, said, “There is strength in numbers and while all of the different clubs have very little in common on the surface, all of them try to make Kettle Moraine a better place in their own way. Rather than stay stuck on differences is important to understand what ties us all together, and use those commonalities to foster a sense of community, something that we need more of at KM and in the world.”

All proceeds of the event will go towards Plan International, a group that provides education for children around the world who would otherwise not receive any. Students who want more information about the charity can click here.

This is not the first time a world record breaking event has taken place at KM. In 2005, Mrs. Matin hosted an event for the most people sitting on one chair blowing bubbles. She ended up raising over $2,000 for veterans with PTSD to receive mental care help in the therapeutic northern woods of Wisconsin.

Students who have already paid $10 will get a t-shirt, kazoo, and entrance into the girl’s basketball game. However, if you have not been able to get the money in, you can still be a part of it. Any student is able to pay at the game to participate.  “Basketball, a good cause, and kazoos, what's not to love?” says Shubert.

Even if you are not part any of these great organizations, your participation is still needed. Give your money to Mrs. Martin or the heads of any participating clubs to be able to enjoy all of the activities. Mark your calendars for January 4th during advisory, which will be the practice run for the event, then on January 6th to come together as a school to support children all over the world.


Lauren Gennerman

January, 2017