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The Gift of Giving

Each Christmas, the Kettle Moraine choirs raise funds to provide Christmas to families in the area. This year, the generosity of the students has grown, and through various campaigns in KM Perform, many more children are going to see a merry holiday. Elle Parsons, a theatre focus student, suggested to her fellow mentees that they rally together to support families who couldn’t otherwise afford Christmas this year. Another group started a similar initiative by raising funds across all of Perform, these students including Anna Karius, Dylan Hoppel, Julianna Watton, Kalen Grieb, Dillon Tenhover, Elyse Karpfinger, Marcus Hong, Paige Felt, Natalee Falkowski, Dayinera Cappacio, and Joy Bartoli. Each of these individuals has a common goal: To give back and spread Christmas cheer.


“We all believed this would be a fun and helpful project,” says Karius. Not only do these students get to explore organizational skills and charitable spirit, but their work is credit bearing. Karius elaborates: “We had researched statistics and information, and prepared our persuasive speeches for the donations.” The best part: when the Perform community pooled their dollars and change, this group reached their goal!


In a month consumed by receiving, it is refreshing to take a moment and do something for others. Here are some ways you can give this holiday season:


  • helps you provide a coat for those who don’t have one this winter. While you still can bring your gently used coats to their drop-off locations in Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay, you could also donate to the cause through their website. Every dollar helps provide two coats.
  • In the Perform community, many people harbor special talents. Find your nearest Children’s Hospital and speak to the administration about coming in and sharing yours. Whether it is making music or reading stories, you could brighten a child’s day this holiday.
  • Food banks and shelters thrive off of donations. Next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up an item or two to give. While canned goods are graciously accepted, some other needs include feminine products, toiletries, spices, sliced bread, and baking mixes that only require water. If you’re feeling extra festive, pass on that Christmas cheer and throw in some chocolate.
  • The American Red Cross sets high goals for blood donations each year, and each year, they struggle to meet these goals. See their website to find a blood drive near you. Every eight minutes, an emergency occurs, requiring a blood donation. Your help can not only change lives, but save them. Giving an hour of your time can give somebody else years.
  • Nowadays, we spend most of our time in front of a computer screen. The Chrome extension Tab for a Cause donates to a charity of your choosing for every tab you open. It’s easy, it’s something you’re already doing, and it is comes at zero cost to you. Open the Chrome store and start tabbing!

Kimberly Laberge

December, 2016