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Emil's Corner: Bending the Bell

Dear Emily,

I know there are many opportunities that I would like to take advantage of during school day. How does KM Perform accommodate those interests?


Senior Seeking Opportunities

I don't know about the most of you, but I am not a morning person. To me, getting up at 5:30 in the morning is not only terrible, but downright nauseating. How about sleeping until 7:30 instead? Yeah, I said it. Welcome to the world of flexible scheduling.

Flexible scheduling is a privilege for students who are not only high-achieving, but are green in every core area in MyLC, and have a plan for what they will be doing with their time off campus. Being ¨green¨ is a term used to describe a student's academic achievement in all four MyLC categories: Academic Excellence, Progress in Goals, Overall Completion, and Attendance. This basically means that you are where you are supposed to be. You are getting all of your work done, and in turn, you can have the opportunity for some flexibility. These scheduling changes can come in many forms and can be used for a variety of purposes including work time, college classes, and internships.

There are four main forms of a personalized schedule. There is late arrival, when instead of coming for first hour at 7:25, the student arrives at a later time to attend that later hours of the day. For students who prefer an earlier release from school, there is an early dismissal option as well. The student can choose to leave before the designated end of the school day, as long as they have a detailed plan of what they wish to work on outside of the school campus. For students who are eligible for flexible scheduling, but do not have access to transportation to leave campus, the conversation of studio hours comes into play. Studio hours are quiet work hours where the student can work independently on their schoolwork. This can only happen with the approval of that studentś mentor. The last and perhaps most rare form of flexible schedule comes when a student is allowed to leave school for a period of the day for an off-campus experience. They would then come back to school for the remainder of the school day.

Those these may sound like fantastic choices, keep in mind that they are only offered to select students (usually upperclassmen) who quite frankly, have it all together.  As someone who has a flexible schedule themselves, I know the benefits of having an irregularly structured day.

I am able to take the conversation of flexible scheduling begins between the student and their mentor. If your MyLC looks good and you have a plan, you might be on your way to a personalized schedule, and possible a couple of extra z's.

Good luck!



Emily Giombi

December, 2016