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Political Roundup: The Election

After months and months of one of the most vicious and historical presidential elections in American history, the United States of America has elected their next president. Businessman, host of The Apprentice, and Republican nominee, Donald Trump, will be America’s 45th president after winning 290 electoral votes. This comes as a shock to many Americans, as almost every poll projected Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, to win. Hillary Clinton won 20 states, 228 electoral votes, and the popular vote. The 2016 election echos the 2000 Election when Al Gore, the Democratic nominee won the popular vote, but George Bush won the election overall. This has caused many Democrats to call for the Electoral College to be abolished or, at the very least, revised. Along with a petition to change the Electoral College, many #NeverTrump supports have taken to the streets to protest the outcome of the election. In cities all over the country, thousands of people have marched down highways and major city streets holding signs that read “Not My President.” Emotions and tempers are high. The Democrats are searching for a leader and the country is holding their breath, waiting to see what a Trump presidency will look like.

Further down the ticket, Senator Ron Johnson won against projected winner Russ Feingold. This was another surprise for Democrats as their pick, Russ Feingold, was polling a few points ahead of his opponent days before the election. Wisconsin was one of the vulnerable Senate seats for Republicans, and it was the hope of the Democrats that they could take control of the Senate. However, Republicans won the Senate, the House, and the Presidency. As of right now, almost all positions of power in the state are held by Republicans. Depending on the district or city, a mayor or state representative may be a Democrat, but that is a small number.

Throughout the 2016 election, many significant global issues have been put on the backburner, despite the fact that they impact millions. In the recent months, there have been many developments in the logistics of Brexit, one of the most historic British referendums ever. Theresa May has become the Prime Minister and taken up the task of navigating the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The value of the pound has gone down 10% since June, though the economy has bounced back since the initial decision to leave the EU. The High Court challenged Theresa May’s ability to evoke Article 50, the article that is allowing the UK to leave the EU, without approval from Parliament. This challenge was successful, and it will now be a month or two until the exit can even begin.

A large part of the Brexit issue and the 2016 election is immigration, especially the immigration of Syrian refugees. If the UK leaves the EU, Britain would be able to close their borders, something no country part of EU is able to do. This would make entering the country far more difficult for refugees and immigrants. United States President-elect, Donald Trump has made it clear that he does not want Syrian refugees to be able to enter the country, as he believes that the current vetting process is weak and could allow extremists to put Americans in danger. While government officials search for a solution, refugees are searching for a safe haven.

All and all, the past couple of weeks have been uniquely eventful on a state, national, and global level. Check in soon for another edition of the Political Roundup.


Natalie DeRoche

December, 2016