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Gender Equality Club Wants YOU!

A small group of students dedicated to change meet at the early hours of the morning every other Friday on the KMHS campus in order to discuss a range of gender related topics. From presentations about intersectional feminism, to discussing current events, to putting together a high heel race for male students and faculty to raise money for HeForShe, the Kettle Moraine Gender Equality Club has been gaining momentum over the past year.

The 2016/2017 school year is full of exciting opportunities for the KM Gender Equality Club. Meeting topics will range from gender roles to sexual assault, and club members will get the chance to discuss anything relating to Gender Equality that they are passionate about. “I am hoping to raise my awareness on gender equality issues across the board, and to be able to intelligently speak and debate on the issues present in our modern society,” says Alex Meeth, a new member of the club. The club also plans on continuing to do the Toy Drive for a woman’s shelter around Christmas time and putting on the HeForShe high heel race in the spring. “For the year I would love to continue to get involved in the community by having volunteer opportunities for club members at women's shelters. We also have some very exciting collaborations lined up with some other clubs in the school, so I'm very excited for some more cooperation with other organizations to spread the influence of all of these amazing clubs at our school,” says Co Senior President, Abby Schubert.

If you would like to get involved, club meetings are every other Friday morning from 6:50-7:20 AM in the Health Science High School area. Contact Natalie DeRoche ( or Abby Shubert ( with any questions.


Natalie DeRoche

November, 2016