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Fall Favorites: Pumpkin Spice Pecan Popcorn

I love to snack.

I always have the munchies, and when I do, sometimes its hard to reach past that bag of chips or candy and grab a handful of veggies or fruit to tide me over. The perfect snack combines both food that tastes good, and food that's good for you.
I offer a proposition; popcorn.
Now, I know what you may be thinking, "popcorn? Popcorn isn't good for you!"
Popcorn is, actually, a WHOLE GRAIN 'dramatic gasp.' It's not the popcorn itself that is bad for you, it's the gallons of butter and salt on said popcorn that are the downfall of this delightful snack.
"But those are the good parts of popcorn!"
The recipe I'm about to show you showcases this delightful ingredient in a sweet, airy snack that includes fall~inspired spiced flavors, coconut oil (fist-pump for healthy fats!) and pecans for that extra satisfying crunch (with added protein!). It's healthier than store bought brands, and sure to satisfy your cravings.
Try making this treat for parties, family gatherings, or even just for your netflix~binge and enjoy some low~guilt snacking! 
Kelsi Morris 
November, 2016