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The Good, The Band, and The Ugly

Costume Ball, a well known tradition on the Kettle Moraine High School Campus, is back and better than ever. KMHS Wind Symphony's "The Good, The Band, and The Ugly," follows the misadventures of Travis the travelling ukulele player and all his friends in the Wild West. When Travis stumbles upon Woodwind's Gulch, a town full of cowboy musicians, he must find a way to join the band, capture the bandits, and help the Sheriff find the legendary golden French Horn. "The Good, The Band, and The Ugly" is full of fantastic music, humor, and charm, and is great for all ages. From bank robberies to ghost towns, the show will make you laugh, gasp, and yodel until the very end.

The process and hard work behind Costume Ball often goes unnoticed. Band students start working on Costume Ball months before the show takes place; picking a theme, breaking into committees, writing a script, auditioning for parts, marketing the show, and making sure that when Costume Ball finally rolls around, everything goes smoothly. Alexis Kummrow, one of the senior executives for Costume Ball says, “The quality of the show will be much better this year, we’re far more prepared than in other years.”

One of the main goals for Costume Ball this year is marketing to a wider audience. “It’s a very kid friendly performance, but it’s for everyone; kids, high schoolers, adults. We call it Costume Ball because any of the kids that come in costume get free admission, and then we have them walk across the stage during intermission and get candy,” Chloe Spang, another senior executive of Costume Ball, explains, “We’ve done a lot more marketing this year, getting the information out to the elementary schools and even some private schools in the area.” The show takes place at the Kettle Moraine high school auditorium on Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th at 7pm. Tickets are $4 for students, $7 for Adults, and free for children (under 10) in costume.

Check out a sneak peak here: http://


Natalie DeRoche

October, 2016