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KM Goes Intergalactic!

Last week on the Kettle Moraine High School Campus, the halls were filled with Jedis and Aliens! Is this a typical week at KM? Maybe if it's Homecoming week!

Homecoming is a tradition most commonly seen in high schools and colleges when the alumni of the school come back to their hometowns to attend the football game. As time went on, the tradition evolved to fit the wishes of the current students.Now, it includes week-long festivities and a big dance held the concluding Saturday.

Kettle Moraine’s homecoming theme this year was Sci-Fi, which had rave reviews from students. “I thought the space theme was really unique from homecoming themes in the past,” says senior Shannon Garity. This year’s homecoming daily themes ranged from ugly sweaters to blackout. “A lot of people got really creative with how homecoming was marketed and how people dressed up for it during the week,” says Shannon.

The Saturday of every homecoming week holds the dance, which is typically held in the school gym. The gym was glitzed with stars and intergalactic disco lights. In the middle of the dance floor were students dancing to songs like “The Wobble” and “The Cha Cha Slide.” Throughout the night, students participated in impromptu dance circles to compete with each other to see who could become the champion homecoming dancer. “I envy the people who are brave enough to go into the dance circles, they killed it!” says senior Reagan Boland.

It is recommended that all students attend at least one school dance so they have the memory to hold onto forever. People only have four chances in their entire life to attend a school dance with their friends, and that opportunity will not come around again.


Alison Connell

October, 2016