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Fest with the Best

Calling all film critics, filmmakers, and film buffs. There is a festival on the rise that you will not want to miss. The Lake Country Film Festival is returning for its second year, and it is coming back bigger and better than ever.
The Lake Country Film Festival is a two day event open for the public to view, entirely composed of high school students' films. The festival contains eight different categories, ranging from documentaries to original music videos, and has content that is versatile for every viewer. Last year, over 100 pieces were submitted by students within the Lake Country area. "We want all students in the area to see this as a place to showcase their passions, artistry, and talents. We are not only looking for film students, but all students [to submit]," says Michael Krill, one of the directors of the festival.
This year, KM Perform is jumping right into the action by submitting films created in the seminar Short Horror Films: Casual to Crazy in 30 Seconds. Lauren Gennerman, the student teacher of this seminar, states, "Our students are exceptionally talented and work hard to create their art, and it deserves to be shown." This is not only a good way for KM Perform students to gain experience, but also an amazing opportunity to show their work at a large scale event in the community. "Often in school, we do work in order to learn how to interact in the real world, and The Lake Country Film Festival empowers students to interact with the real world now," says Krill. For students who are looking to get their work out into the world, submissions are open the entire month of February. If you would like more information, visit
Be sure to mark your calendars for March 31st and April 1st at 7:00PM. You will not want to miss the incredible student made films. KM Perform continues to step out into the community, building connections one film festival at a time.
Reagan Boland
October, 2016