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Emily's Corner: Strapped Senior

Where do I look for scholarships? -Strapped Senior


Ahh, fall. The time for pumpkin spice, corn mazes, and sweaters. Not to mention stressing over college. Worry not--I can teach you how to avoid some of this unnecessary anxiety by applying for scholarships.
Scholarships are a necessary evil. Yes, it would be almost impossible to pay that whopping tuition bill without them. However, who wants to spend precious time writing essays and digging for scholarships you might be eligible for? Lucky for you, helpful resources are closer than you think.
There are multiple sources in which you can find scholarships, one of them being on the KMHS homepage under the "Counseling" tab. Here, you can find a list of sites, information, and programs available for students applying to colleges both out-of-state and in-state.
Something to keep in mind when going through your high school years: clubs. Joining clubs, societies, and boards will not only beef up your resumé, but could potentially provide opportunities for scholarships. National Honors Society, National Society of High School Scholars, Tri-M Music Honors Society, amongst other groups, can provide gateways to different scholarship opportunities.
While this may sound unreliable, another viable option would be to do a quick google search. Of course, make sure they are from reliable sources, but there are hundreds of scholarships floating out there for everything from being Italian to being left-handed. There is something for everyone. Just make sure it's dependable. To find a scholarship that meets your needs, check out these additional resources:
Other resources to check out:
One thing I would stress as a freshman or sophomore is making sure that your scholarship hunt starts early. There is no harm in applying to those you are eligible for as an underclassman, and who knows? You might even gain an extra few dollars along the way.
So while enjoying those PSLs and cozying up for #sweaterweather, be sure to do a little searching in order to relieve some unwanted future stress.


Emily Giombi

October, 2016