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The Commons is Anything but...

Kettle Moraine is living out its slogan to learn without boundaries through its new, innovative, and collaborative space for students. Two years ago, the school board decided that major improvements had to be made to our district across three areas; safety, infrastructure, and learning spaces.

With a referendum of just under $50 million, high school’s Principal Jeff Walters and the KMSD school board agrees that one of the biggest priorities was to ensure the students and staff of a more secure backbone for the school’s technology and utilities [in the district]. Beyond that, at the high school, it was important to upgrade the learning spaces, like the art suite, music space, and the commons area. “I love it!” says Walters. “Our hope is for the library to be the next space to be renovated into a flexible learning space.” The Laser Way Lounge, an added area to the campus, is open to high-achieving students to study and learn. “I feel like while the space brings students closer, it opens up the building and gives a more contemporary spin on learning,” adds Emily Giombi, a senior writing focus at KM Perform. “The school feels far more close-knit to me,” says Natalie DeRoche, another senior writing focus at KM Perform. “I think it's great that the school district is working to improve our learning environment.”

What was known as the cafeteria has been changed to the West Commons, East Commons, and Central Commons area. “The new commons serves as a lunchroom one block a day, but as a learning space the other three blocks,” Principal Walters explains. This provides a significant purpose to all areas of the school, leaving no space empty or unused. Still serving as the school’s cafeteria, the kitchen has been remodeled to include a more open space and buffet-style lines to make it easier for students to navigate through when ordering lunch.

I think that the new renovations are very nice, and I appreciate the update in technology and space,” expresses Alex Meeth, a senior theatre focus at KM Perform. Principal Walters’ next goal is to make changes to the library, but is very pleased with the outcome so far, along with the rest of the staff and students.


Holly Myers

October, 2016