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Most people know of the Disney masterpiece, Mary Poppins, which first debuted in 1964. However, there is also a musical version of Mary Poppins, and the Kettle Moraine High School Summer Academy is putting it on for their annual summer musical.

Mary Poppins, a story originally written by P.L. Travers as a children’s book series, was first adopted into a movie, then later into a musical. It tells the story of a mysterious and mystical nanny who comes to take care of the naughty Banks children, all of whom go through crazy adventures along the way.

If you think the musical will be the exact same as the movie, you are mistaken, as the musical more closely resembles the book than the movie does. This means a few changes, such as the absence of penguins in “Jolly Holiday” and the entire tea party scene at Uncle Albert’s house. However, there are also a few additions. For instance, there are dancing statues and a visit to Mrs. Corry’s shop in the musical version, both of which are scenes taken from the book series.

There will be many exciting things happening with the musical, including making Mary Poppins fly through the air! The cast and crew have already started their preparations for the summer, and this show especially hits home for many. "Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies as a child. It made me believe in magic,” says Alison Bishop, a costume crew member, “It's amazing to have the opportunity to help create the magic I saw as a child on stage and allow other children to see the magic as well." Frequent audience members are already excited for what’s to come. “I am excited to see the energy,” says Reagan Boland, a regular drama production attendee. “Everybody involved is so excited and has so much determination to make it a great show, so it is really cool to see that on stage.”

With all of the hard work being put into this show, it is evident the only thing this drama production needs is an audience. “I know that this will be a show worth seeing. There’s just so much going on for it; everyone needs to be there,” says Boland. The shows are on July 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23 at 7pm and July 20 at 2pm. Come see all of the work and have a jolly holiday of a time!


Lauren Gennerman

June, 2016