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Feelin’ the Fest

The month of July isn’t your typical month here in Wisconsin. When out-of-state people think of that month they might think of sweat, Independence Day, or even the beach. Here in Wisconsin, we only have one thing on our minds: Summerfest. Wisconsinites wait very patiently as they get sneak peaks of headliners over the winter, but once the month of March rolls around, things get exciting. This year, the side stage headliners were officially announced on March 22nd, kicking off the excitement for the 2016 Festival. Some would say that the current lineup has too much country, but others would say that it's a perfect mix. This year's lineup has a melting pot of different genres including country and EDM. Some recognizable acts include Martin Garrix, X Ambassadors, and Jason Derulo. Fellow student, Shannon Garity, is looking foreward to be a part of the musical madness this summer. “I am really excited to see Blink-182 because they have been my favorite band for a really long time, I basically grew up with them! So it’s really cool that I’m going to get to see them live for the first time.”

Natalee Falkowski is most excited to see X Ambassadors. She states, “their songs are so easy to connect with, I have a big appreciation for the music they write, and I love them.” Doors open for the world's largest music festival June 29th and we couldn’t be more ecstatic.


Ali Connell 

June, 2016