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Dear Abby: Tricked by Time

I need some help finding ways to productively manage my time. Any tips?

-Tricked by Time


Dear Tricked by Time,

Boy oh boy, do I have some tips for you. To be honest, if I didn’t have a word cap at 500, I could write pages on how to productively manage your time. But for now, I will start with some of the essential tips and tricks I’ve learned in my four years here at KM Perform.


  • Have a planner. I know it sounds dorky, but my planner has become my best friend, my life line and, at times, my savior. You can use anything; a simple notebook, the school planner/passbook, or an actual planner (either online or a paper planner), and in said planner, write down any and all homework (with due dates), important events, work schedule, etc. Having all of your assignments and due dates right in your hands allows you to prioritize what needs to get done night by night. Another advantage to having a planner is you always know what is going on in your life; I have an APA paper that is due next Friday, a physics test tomorrow, and I work tomorrow as well. This gives you an idea of the things that need to be done as soon as possible and how you can juggle your time.
  • Set short-term goals for yourself. This one takes some practice, but I have found that this is one of the best methods out there for being productive. I like to set little achievable goals for myself in the beginning of a study session. These tasks are easily completed and do not require a long time commitment. By setting small goals for yourself, you not only feel like you have completed more at the end of your time, but you are also creating a growing momentum for yourself. I usually break down the big pieces of homework that I have (essay, reading, composition, etc.) into these small, attainable goals. If I find that I have a week before I have to turn in a paper, I will usually set a goal to finish the rough draft in two days, then go back and edit each night, looking for different mistakes every time. Not only does this help me manage my time properly, but I also am able to achieve my long-term goal.


Now, like I mentioned before, I could go on and on about how to manage time. These are two of the best time management skills, in my opinion, that you can possess. You only have 24 hour in the day; that is 1440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds. Trying to get everything you want/need done can be difficult, and at times, it will feel like the clock is racing against you and that it is impossible to get what you need done. Having the right time management skills will not only help you prioritize what to do first, but it will also give you peace of mind that everything you need is in one handy location. High school is the time for trial and error before you jump into the big scary world, so try some of these tips and tricks and see if they work. If not, make up something that works for you!


Abby Krause

Abby Krause 

May, 2016