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Exhibiting Their Talents: The MIAD 2016 Senior Exhibit

Every senior in KM Perform understands the pressure of their portfolio. This project needs to be big and needs to represent who they are as people, showcase their talents, and reflect what KM Perform has taught them. The end of senior year is usually crunch time for these projects, and we’ve been able to see many unique projects produced. We’ve seen fashion shows, recitals, novels, and films. While all of these projects are incredible feats, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design went a different direction at their 2016 Senior Exhibition.

The MIAD seniors focused on well-being, both mental and physical, and created innovative projects that illustrate the power of art and design.

There were definitely some projects that stood out to me,” Alex Meeth, a student who viewed the gallery reviewed.The projects had incredible diversity, which surprised me, ranging anywhere from clothing fashion to voting turnout in MKE.” One student designed a new form of transportation that was good for commuting, but still better for the environment. Another student researched the best sitting position that would put the least amount of stress on your spine, and redesigned the desk chair. Jade Black seeked to raise awareness of lesser known diseases and disorders, and drew from her brother’s experience with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She created a series of dolls which represented different conditions. The proceeds of each doll assisted a family with medical bills and funded ongoing research.

The students at MIAD showed us that success in art doesn’t have to mean fame and fortune. Changing society and improving it is a type of success that can’t be measured in money or twitter followers. Through their exhibit, the MIAD seniors are improving our world, one step at a time. Art is everywhere you look. From billboards to portraits, art is one of the most powerful influences of all time. It’s time we took a step back and appreciated all that art can do.


Abby Blue

May, 2016