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Working with WCAP

In October of 2007, an amazing program began its service and has been flourishing ever since. The Waukesha Community Arts Project, or WCAP, has provided many young students with the opportunity to create art from the depths of their imagination. Students from KM Perform have been volunteering at WCAP and have learned the values of working with middle school students.

Offerings include classes in visual arts, drama, dance and creative writing that run for 6-10 weeks. “The mission of the Waukesha Community Arts Project is to help adolescents reach their own potential by developing self-expression, creativity, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and community involvement through quality after school art experiences,” says Cheryl Peterson, a coordinator at WCAP. This program provides an amazing opportunity for students to forget any troubles and just create. They dive deep into their imagination to make art and are always exercising their creativity.

The classes are led by instructors and supported by student volunteers. “When we volunteer, our job is to assist with the workshops and mentor the kids. Our job is also to push them in their creativity and help them in anyway we can,” says Hannah Delmore, a KM Perform junior art focus. She is just one of the many KM Perform students who enjoy spending time with students and staff at WCAP.

Peterson also reaches out to high school volunteers. She states, “they [students] have an opportunity to make a difference in a middle school student’s life by volunteering at WCAP.  Even by volunteering once or twice a month, it makes a huge difference.” WCAP is always looking to see new faces, and there is no experience necessary. When the middle school students see the volunteers participating, any negative attitudes go away. “I feel like the high school student's role is to be a mentor and positive influence, rather than in-depth art teachers,” says Maddi Racine, a KM Perform junior art focus. The students become inspired and realize that art is not childish; it can be created at any age. “I really believe is important for these middle school kids,” Delmore states. “They really love coming there, so being able to be a part of that is really fun.”

WCAP is a great program whether you are a student or simply just looking to help out. It is important to reach out into the community, and KM Perform is a great example of an environment that encourages that. KM Perform students sign up to help voluntarily; they all want to be there. The student volunteers are using their energy to not only keep it alive, but to help it thrive. All of this is shown through the amazing art produced by students in WCAP.


Reagan Boland

May, 2016