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Dear Abby: Summer Stresser

Dear Abby,

I’m worried about not getting enough credit this school year. What can I do over the summer to make sure I’m not behind?

Sincerely, Summer Stresser


Dear Summer Stresser,

Don’t worry, I have just the solution to this little problem. So, let’s say that this year was a little rough for you in the credit department; as Mr. Weber says, “life happens”. But now you find yourself sitting here, at the end of the school year, with only five credits (or for some people, less than that). Luckily for you, there are a ton of different summer opportunities to receive credit. If you are the type of student that will panic if they feel behind, I would take advantage of some of these summer opportunities, and even if you aren’t behind and you realize that maybe a little extra credit will help you out next year, take advantage of it.

Let’s start with the musical; this is one opportunity that you do not want to miss. In years past, there have been seminars that run beside the musical: reading the book that the musical was based on, social studies seminars that focus in on the time that the musical took place, the cultural differences, performing, set design, costuming. There are so many opportunities for credit within in the musical alone and what I mentioned above was only scratching the surface!

Maybe you’re a little behind in your ALEKS. It happens to the best of us, and you are  definitely not the only person in this position. Due to ALEKS being an online curriculum, it is a “seminar” that can be taken at any time during the summer. Done with ALEKS for the year and want to get a head start on next year? Didn’t finish the course that you were in this year? Send Mr. Anderson a quick email telling him that you’re ready to start the next math course, or that you would like to continue through the summer to make more progress. This way he will have a general idea of who will be working over the summer and who won’t be. ALEKS can make or break you, but having more time in summer to work on the more challenging topics can really save you in the end.

There are also tons of different gym and health opportunities for you if you’re a student that has yet to fulfill the graduation requirements, (it’s 1.5 credits in gym and another 0.5 credit in health.) First, talk to Mrs. Zweifel. She is your go-to-gal for questions about getting any sort of gym or health credit. Over the summer, there is an opportunity for students who would rather take health in a traditional class; KM Summer Academy. Now I know it might not seem like the best thing: going to a class every day during summer, but if you know that you would rather take a class instead of taking up a period every other day for two terms, you can take the summer school class and complete the 0.5 credit that is required.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of different opportunities for you to receive summer credit. Knowing where you are at the end of the year credit-wise is one of the best things you can do for yourself, so sit down on MyLC for a few minutes and figure out what you’re lacking in, then see if you would be able to get that credit through any of the seminars that are being offered. I know that school is 10/10 important, and it is important to get credit, but have fun over the summer and try to get as much work done with the least amount of stress. I mean it is summer, afterall.


Abby Krause

May, 2016Abby Krause

Abby Krause Abby Krause