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This Movie is a Bare Necessity

Disney’s new live action movie, The Jungle Book, is an extremely enjoyable experience for people of all ages. To say it was a live action film, however, is a stretch. Live action films use real actors, animals, and backgrounds. Most of the main characters are animals, so they have to be computer generated. The backgrounds are also all computer generated imagery (CGI). However, the CGI in this film is next to unnoticeable. This film would have been impossible to pull off a few years ago. According to, this movie is “a benchmark in CGI.” Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli, is the only live action part of the movie. However, his acting is incredible, considering none of the other characters are physically with him.

This movie has enough easter eggs and references to the original film to connect the two, but not too many that the film becomes a “glorified rehash,” in the words of

Like most Disney movies, the original Jungle Book, released in 1967, had a soundtrack with an assortment of unique songs. However, in the new adaptation, only two songs from the original soundtrack made the cut. The two songs are titled “The Bear Necessities” and “I Wanna Be Like You.” In the end credits, a version of “Trust in Me” can be heard: a song sung originally by a snake named Kaa to hypnotize Mowgli.

This is a movie for an audience of all ages. However, some of the scenes in this movie may be intense or frightening for younger viewers. All Disney fans will enjoy this movie, because Disney never fails to impress while expanding their borders.


Alex Sheppard

May, 2016