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Creativity That Doesn’t Van-ish

KM Perform goes head to head with schools across the U.S to win the Vans $50,000 prize for the best designed shoes. Vans Custom Culture is an artistic competition where students reimagine four pairs of blank, white Vans shoes. The final shoes are then photographed and voted on by the public.

KM Perform has entered into Vans Custom Culture for the past five years. The past years’ experience has helped create a platform to allow growth for this year's entries. It has helped the students go above and beyond to create the most impressive product.

Each pair of shoes is required to have a theme. The four themes are action sports, music, visual art, and local flavor, which is formed around your community.  

The use of unique materials could have really helped the outcome. This year the students involved made some bold creative choices that really could have strengthened the final product. A material called resin was used, and it created the illusion of water within the shoe. A material like this could have set our school apart from the rest. Alyssa Rosch, a Junior art focus, stated, “The materials I used were pretty all over the place. It ranged from oven-bake clay to dirt I just kinda scraped up from my yard.”

This year, strong sculptural aspects were chosen. All of the students have to collaborate to make sure their entries are cohesive. Izzy Vetterman stated, “Originally I chose to do 2D, but after a group critique I was advised to add a quick 3D aspect before we photographed them.”

Although our school did not qualify into the public voting round, KM Perform has given many students unique opportunities that they might not have otherwise gotten. The Vans Custom Culture is just one of many examples of our students getting involved in the community


Maddi Racine

May, 2016