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Release of the Lit Magazine

Ampersand what? Ampersand Pages! Ampersand Pages is the literary magazine that was released by the writing focus students from KM Perform. This magazine showcases art and writing pieces by students of all focus groups, not just writing students.

The idea came to be when the writing focus students wanted to find a way to showcase their work. “Thespians have their productions. Musicians have their concerts. Artists have their art shows. What do writers have? Sometimes, even the most talented of writers have trouble getting published, and we wanted to provide this for them. And not only for writing focus students, but for any person who expresses interest in writing,” says Lauren Gennerman, one of the head-editors of Ampersand Pages.

Ampersand Pages, as we know, is a showcase of writing and art pieces, but what kinds of writing pieces can be submitted? According to Reagan Boland, an editor for the magazine, “There will be three different categories: creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.”

The magazine retails for $6.32 on Amazon, excluding shipping. You can purchase a copy with this link:

So, do you have a piece you want to submit for the next edition of Ampersand Pages? Submissions are closed for now, but there will be an announcement sometime next year when they have opened back up. The magazine is planned to be released yearly, with one edition per school year. 

Jen McDonald

May, 2016