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Pop Into Variety Show!

Love seeing people perform their talents? Enjoy hilarious scenes performed by budding actors? Between dancing, singing, magic acts, and the countless skits being performed, Kettle Moraine High School Drama Club’s Variety Show has something for every person to enjoy.

Kettle Moraine’s Variety Show can be described as a sort of cross between a traditional talent show and one act festival. It features a range of students performing an assortment of abilities and small plays. “There's comedy skits, and cool talent, and I've enjoyed going in the past,” says Amina Odogba, one of two junior hosts.Hopefully, we'll see a variety of acts from vocal, to instruments, magic and/or more.” In addition to the talent acts and skits, the Kettle Moraine Children’s Choir will be performing.

The senior hostsKevin McGroarty and Garrett Waiteand junior hostsAmina Odogba and Cas Mayhallare hard at work making sure everything will go smoothly for the show. These four are responsible for the planning and executing of everything that will happen in the show. The theme this year is “Attack of the Pop-Up Ads,” and the writers are excited to form their scripts.

“It’s all student-led,” says Cas Mayhall. “Ms. Kean is involved, but all of the plays are written and performed by students.”

As well as being able to perform their skills in front of an audience, there is another draw to showcase talents in the Variety Show. The first, second, and third place winners will be determined by the judges and awarded a cash prize. These judges are traditionally teachers at Kettle Moraine High School, and they will choose the winner on Friday night.

Come to see the Drama Club’s Variety Show on May 13th at 7pm in the Kettle Moraine High School auditorium. It will be a night to remember...if the pop-up ads don’t get you first!

Lauren Gennerman - May, 2016