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Making the Case for Mock Trial

Court is now in session and the Kettle Moraine Mock Trial Team has no objections.  Mock trial members will go up against other schools in scrimmages and regionals to see who can win the case of Clearwater County vs Tristan Marks. This year’s case is a heated criminal case trying to prove who is at fault for a highschooler’s death. The Mock Trial team’s first scrimmage was on Saturday, January 28, at Mukwonago High School; the KM Mock Trial Team not only looked outstanding in their formal business attire, but also scored high on all four of their trials. Regionals are coming up on Saturday, February 11 from 6am-7pm, come to regionals and see this intense case unfold right before your eyes.

The Mock Trial team has been diligently working and is ready to take on the regional competition.  The students have divided themselves into two teams; team one being veterans of Mock Trial, and team two being first years. Both teams have had to study affidavits, medical reports, memorize testimonies, and construct questions for both direct and cross examinations. In an interview with Mock Trial captain Emma Healy she said, “Mock Trial is my favorite club by far, and every year I have loved being a part of the team. [...] The team is always supportive, and I've gotten very close to my teammates in the past three years.” Healy went on to talk about the skills acquired through Mock Trial, “Mock Trial [...] teaches quick-thinking and improvisation; we never know exactly what the other team will say, so we have to come up with arguments and responses on the spot!” Healy also stated that Mock Trial has greatly improved her public speaking skills and helped her form strong, lasting bonds with other members.

The multidimensional case of Clearwater County vs Tristan Marks involves crucial side characters. One of these characters being Nicolette Stevens. Is Nicolette Stevens an innocent, loveable dork, or an uncredible, desperate outcast? Another character is Charlotte Davis. Is Charlotte a reliable, responsible honor student, or a self-centered, arrogant teenager who let their friend fade away? Just when you think you’ve got this case figured out, another wrinkle in the fabric appears to make you second guess everything. In this case there are riveting objections, enough exhibits to open a photo gallery, and a plot line worthy of television. With a plot twist at every testimony it would be a crime not to come to the Mock Trial regionals.


Maile Riedel

March, 2017