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Taking Perform Across the Globe

Elizabeth Meade Afri-CAN do anything she puts her mind to!

Meade is a sophomore music focus at Kettle Moraine School of Arts and Performance. She has always been the type to dream big and go after anything she sets her mind to, and people expect nothing less when it comes to her portfolio.

This summer, Meade will travel to Cape Town in South Africa for one month to organize music lessons to kids who normally do not get the chance to do so. “In South Africa, practically none of the schools teach fine arts as part of the curriculum. To learn even basic art or music, students have to go to a "fine arts" school,” says Meade.

How this big idea came to be is the question on everyone's minds when Meade shared her idea for her portfolio. “From a young age, I have taken music for granted because of how engraved it is into our school system. When I found out through my family friend that lives in South Africa that they have nothing like the structured classes we have here, I couldn't believe it,” states Meade. “Especially in Perform, where we have such a big focus on the arts, it is hard to imagine that having nothing to do with my education.”

With traveling to a different country there will always be the bumps along the way but Elizabeth has found a way to soar above them, “I started to look into what instruments would be available for me to buy/use in Cape Town. Their airport customs is set up in such a way that when you enter the country, you can't have anything in bulk to prevent people coming into the country to sell things. For this reason, I would have to find something there. I found the Nuvo Instruments and thought the Clarineo would be a great choice for two reasons: it is a simplified version of the clarinet made for small children and it an affordable alternative to the classic clarinet,” says Meade.

Elizabeth Meade is a person who strives for greatness in everything that she does and people know that she will not disappoint. “I am a big fan of doing things based on opportunity. When the opportunity arose for me to have this super cool experience, I knew I had to seize it, even though it is earlier than people usually do their portfolio,” says Meade.


Ali Connell

March, 2017