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Roll the Credits!

Rolling in three, two  one, action! This year is the tenth annual Creative Writing Film Festival! This festival is for Kettle Moraine Creative Writing II students who are actively engaged in the art of film. KM Perform has created buzz for the past few years since entering the competition with Eric Wallet’s winning film “Abigail” in 2013. The idea to start an annual film festival was born when Luke Lindemeyer (graduating class of 2005) asked Mr. Weber, Creative Writing II teacher, if he could create a film for his final project of the year, rather than a novella. “It's amazing to think about, but in ten years, we have raised over $30,000. We've helped build a school in Africa, helped with the auditorium's new sound system, donated to the Kettle Moraine Educational Foundation, and purchased a lot of film equipment. It's just amazing to think that it came out of a simple class assignment,” says Mr. Weber, in a recent interview.

There are between fifteen and twenty films submitted each year by Creative Writing II students. A night of semi-final voting is held, where the students decide which five or six films that will be shown at the festival. The film producers vote on Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Editor, Best Director, and Honorable Mention awards. The audience votes for Best Screenplay the night of the festival.

This year’s proceeds will, in fact, be given to Luke Lindemeyer. Mr. Weber says, “I recently found out that Luke has had some serious health issues, which have hospitalized him and wracked up some hefty medical bills. Considering the way he has inspired and affected people's lives, I feel a debt of gratitude for him, so we are using this year's proceeds to take a bite out of some of his bills.”

Each year brings a variety of new films to the stage, and each year, the audience is intrigued by the range of the students’ talent. If you didn’t get to make it to this year’s film festival, be sure to check it out next year at the KMHS auditorium!


Holly Myers

June, 2015