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Music and Writing and Art: Oh My!

Teachers in KM Perform often participate in seminars with students, but have they ever finished a year-long set of projects? This year, two teachers are determined to finish a large set of foundations with the Art Focus students. Branching out into other focus areas, Ms. Roznowski, a music focus mentor, and Mr. Weber, a writing focus mentor, are stepping out of their comfort zones and participating in Art Focus Foundations.

Art Focus Foundations are self-directed projects that students are required to complete in order to graduate and further hone their skills. Some projects include figure drawing, presentations, and field journals, which are pages of writing and drawing combined. Both teachers are just beginning the process of foundations, and are dipping their toes into the mass of work ahead of them. “I just finished my first field journal, which was colored pencil drawings of leaves I found on a walk in my neighborhood,” says Ms. Roznowski.

Art Focus students are required to do foundations, but why would the teachers participate? The answer is simple: to gain more knowledge. “I hope to become a stronger artist, and be more comfortable incorporating art into the seminars I teach,” Ms. Roznowski stated. “I try to do some sort of project with my students every semester,” Mr. Weber explained, “Last semester, I joined the writers in writing a story a week. Before that, I did Algebra I and Geometry on ALEKS.”  This is a great way for teachers to collaborate with students, all while gaining new skills.

Expanding your skills should always be a goal, and this is the perfect way to do so. Ms. Roznowski shared, “I think this is helping me see some of the struggles my students go through, especially in orchestra class.” KM Perform is a great platform that provides innovative opportunities that teach everyone from the students to the teachers.


Reagan Boland

December, 2015