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Ampersand Pages

Artists have their art showcases. Musicians have their concerts. Thespians have their plays and musicals. What do writers have? This year, five ambitious writing focus students are working to provide a creative outlet for aspiring writers: a Literary Magazine.

The Literary Magazine, dubbed Ampersand Pages, was started when Mrs. Kim Suhr, Director of Red Oak Writing, invited Writing Focus students to participate in the project. Five students were interested in leading this project: Lauren Gennerman and Reagan Boland are the Editors-in-Chief, Ethan Suhr is the nonfiction editor, Holly Myers is the fiction editor, and Cara Schultz is the poetry editor.

There will be two parts to Ampersand Pages: an online archive of fiction stories, nonfiction stories, and poetry; and a physical book that includes pieces of each genre chosen by impartial experts.

Collaboration is a key component of KM Perform. If you’re directing a musical, you need writers to write the script, musicians to compose the music, artists to create scenery, and actors to act. The experience of real-world collaboration prepares students for future projects, and can be especially enjoyable for the students involved. “Collaboration with the editors has been wonderful, everyone brings something different to the table, and it has created a strong team. We have different strengths, but they compliment each other,” says Ethan Suhr. Reagan Boland has enjoyed the collaboration with others. “I have loved working with everybody so far. The old saying about two heads being better than one is very true. We have bounced so many ideas off of one another, and have really developed our idea with each other.”

The goal of Ampersand Pages is for students to have the chance to share their art with the community, which is an opportunity they otherwise would not have had. “Literary magazines offer writers a place to share their creative writing with a wider readership than just their teacher or peers,” says Mrs. Suhr. The editorial team is looking for KM Perform students who have a keen interest or talent in short fiction and nonfiction pieces as well as poetry. Submissions start December 1st and cutoff is February 1st, 2016. If you are a KM Perform student and would like more information on how to become part of this project, or to submit some of your own writing pieces, contact the editors or join the Lit Mag Google Classroom! (Classcode: bmgov1)


Lauren Gennerman

October, 2015