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Rockin’ the Film Festival

What would a festival be without some great music? Well, Kettle Moraine High School is hosting their annual Creative Writing film festival in June, and many would agree that the KM Perform House Band adds even more fun to the event.

A group of talented musicians from KM Perform formed the band as an opening for the film festival. The band consists of Garrett Waite on guitar, Josh Catania on piano and keyboard, Ethan Suhr on bass, Lukas Jaeger on violin and vocals, and Jeremy Reutebuch and Jessie Tischaefer on double drum set. Alexandra Tzougros will be taking over lead vocals in place of alum, Maddie Steele. “All the instrumentalists are so talented, I don't want to let them down, but it's a dream come true! I've always wanted to sing for a band,” Tzougros says.

These talented students are lead by Mr. Weber, a writing focus mentor and co-host of the film festival itself. This year’s house band will be playing a setlist filled with iconic 1980’s classics such as With or Without You by U2 as well as other popular music like Muse’s Uprising. “This isn’t a performance you can prepare for just by yourself. A lot of ensemble rehearsal time is necessary in order for the band members to function well together. We need to know and understand how we all fit together and compliment each other,” explains Jaeger.

The band members have already begun using their studio days to rehearse for the big performance. Their excitement and enthusiasm towards this project is evident: “This year the music is great! We’ve got lots of variety. We’ve broadened our musical selections to include more than just music from the 80s,” says Jaeger.   

Whether you’re a fan of the music or the movies, this festival has something for you. Come see the Creative Writing Film Festival on June 3rd, at 7:00pm, in the Kettle Moraine High School auditorium, and catch the band in action. “It’ll be rockin’, it’ll be rollin’, it’ll be great,” Jaeger adds. You won’t want to miss out on this event!


Jessie Tischaefer 

April, 2016