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Student Diplomats Take Chicago

From February 4th-7th, six students from KM Perform, Kettle Moraine High School, and KM Global, took a trip to Chicago to participate in an international Model United Nations conference.

Model United Nations, or Model UN for short, is a club that allows students to attend conferences that simulate a meeting of a United Nations committee. Students adopt the stance of a country and learn about its policies and beliefs about a certain issue, and then they go and represent that country in a committee of other students and discuss the issue they researched. The committees then try to find solutions to these problems and pass resolutions that would aid in resolving the issue.

Model United Nations is a valuable experience for any high school student. “Model UN allows kids to build up research skills while gaining knowledge of global conflicts. At the conference, kids are able to debate, allowing them to build social skills and confidence in public speaking,” says Alison Frank, a KM Global junior who attended the conference. Trevor Suarez, a senior at Kettle Moraine High School, enjoyed all of the new experiences and meeting new people: “It gets you out of your comfort zone, and I mean really out of your comfort zone. Plus, I was in the presence of people from 11 countries! It was great getting to work with others and get to know a few people too!”

When asked about why she chose to lead such a group, advisor Mrs. Allen had lots to say: “It’s a fun way of learning about the world. ​We live in such a global world today, and I think that being ​aware ​of ​this is more important than ever.” This year was her first going to the Chicago Model UN conference, and Mrs. Allen said she learned a lot about the process and why it is so valuable to every person who participates. “This is just such a great opportunity for students. ​Each member needs to ​research​ their country and topic​, ​participate in ​public speaking, and it ​helps them learn to be part of a ​team. These are skills that ​are necessary to be successful in almost everything in their life.”

Since the Chicago Model UN conference is a four-day trip, as opposed to the normal two-day trip, it is only offered to students who have previously attended Model UN conferences. There are usually a few offered in the fall and one offered in the spring, and students are welcome to join any time they wish. For more information on how to get involved, contact Mrs. Allen via email at

Lauren Gennerman
April, 2016