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We Are Madri-glad You Came

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling every sir and madame who likes food, entertainment, and the Renaissance Era. The 2016 Madrigal Feast and Pageant has ensued again this year, drawing in large crowds on both Saturday, February 20th, and Sunday, February 21st.

The Madrigal Feast and Pageant is an annual fundraiser for the Kettle Moraine High School Choirs centered around the Renaissance Era. No Madrigal Feast is complete without entertainment, and this year’s feast included high-caliber acts, such as performances from all three Kettle Moraine High School choirs, Chamber Singers, a play written by KM Perform students Lukas Jaeger and Garrett Waite, jousting, and dancing. The royal court, including the king and queen, are traditionally played by the members of Chamber Singers. Besides the direction of choir teachers, Mr. Jaeger and Ms. Schwingle, the production is completely student-run. The students are responsible for coming up with characters and skits to perform for guests. “Possibly my favorite part is watching all of our students, freshmen through seniors, working together to make each year a community event to remember!” says Jaeger, the director of the A Capella Choir.

As part of the Madrigal Dinner, the choirs learn a variety of music from the Renaissance Era. “Renaissance music is mainly a cappella, which requires accurate intonation and listening skills,” says Schwingle, the director of Cadet Choir and Concert Chorale. “Exposure and experience to various genres of music is part of what being involved in choir is all about! Learning about other styles brings awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment.” The unique music is what keeps families coming back.

“I think listening to the kids sing is my favorite part,” says Kim Giombi, the parent of a choir student. “I love watching everything that’s all going on at once, but listening to the groups sing, sometimes in different languages, is what makes it most enjoyable!”

As a new addition to the Kettle Moraine choir world, this is Schwingle’s first Madrigal dinner: “It was a lovely event,” she says. “The sound and energy felt in a choir is very unique, and I am so happy to be part of it!” Apparently, Schwingle’s energy had company, as it seemed as though everyone felt the electricity. “Madrigal is definitely different from any other choir concert out of the year. I can honestly say that this event stands out to me in a way that no other concert does,” raves Lauren Gennerman, a performer at the event.

And if you are looking for more musical fun to tie you over until next year, catch the Kettle Moraine High School Choirs at their spring concert on June 2nd for a taste of the 70s.

Emily Giombi
April, 2016