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There's No Season Like Ski Season

Winter is the season of frigid temperatures, layers upon layers of clothing, and a nice, thick sludge that covers the roadways. While many people look forward to the first warm day of spring, a team of 14 students ranging in age from across the Kettle Moraine High School campus cannot get enough of the snow. Since winter is only a few months long, the KM Ski Team has to be physically and mentally prepared for a grueling season as soon as the first flakes of snow start falling. In order to be ready for the season, students, such as senior team captain, Lauren Wallat, had to participate in dryland practices, which are ways for the team to get together before the start of the season to build up stamina and get their bodies in top shape so they can avoid any injury during the season. This year, all of the hard work and extra hours of practicing, both on and off the slopes, paid off. The team had an amazing season, which lead them to the path of the Wisconsin state race.

The team didn’t just walk right into the state race, they had to work for it. After winning several races during the season, the team participated in a conference race with several other local competitors. The girls’ team, which includes Lauren Wallat, Abby Shaw, Ayla Gagne, Elyse Robertson, Claire Sickinger, Brooke Behlmer and Naomi Kalter,showed off their abilities and landed themselves third place. This was their golden ticket to the Wisconsin State Race. But the boys’ half of the state-qualifying team still had to race. The team, consisting of Luke Cerny, Christian Spencer, Carl Rodrigues, Adam Brewer, Harrison Kraut, Myles Murphy, and TJ Lui, had a hard race ahead of them. At the end of the day, the boys’ team also qualified for the state competition.

Many of these kids have been on the team since the first day of their high school career, which has lead this small group to become more than just a team. “We really are a small family. We go on trips together, everyone knows each other's families, we really have grown together over the past few years,” says Wallat. Knowing that this was their last year on the ski team, the seniors, as well as the rest of the team, made one final push for a great season and the opportunity to race at state, and all their hardwork and determination was rewarded. Here’s to another great season ahead!

Abby Krause
April, 2016