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The Chronicles of the Fall Show

Since it was created, Kettle Moraine Drama Club’s fall show has succeeded in bringing together students from all aspects of Kettle Moraine High School to create a community like no other.  This year in particular, the Kettle Moraine Drama Club put together a captivating show by reviving the classic C.S. Lewis novel, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, in a two-act show complete with a full lobby display.

The concept of the lobby display was to really immerse the audience in Narnia before the curtain went up. One of our main goals was to make the display educational, but not boring,” says Reagan Boland, a contributor to the student made Narnia lobby display. The lobby display included attractions such as a lit lamppost similar to the one used in the show, information about C.S. Lewis as a writer, a hot chocolate stand, a replica of C.S. Lewis’ desk, wardrobe doors covering the entrance to the auditorium, and snowprints that lead through the entire display.

After the audience walked through the display, they took their seats and the show began. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe had a special focus on the costumes. “The show also featured different types of creatures such as nymphs, animals, half-animals, and humans. There was certainly a variety of costumes,” comments Lauren Gennerman, a co-head of the costuming crew, “I think that was one of the most difficult parts of the show. The costume crew had to make these actors look convincing as forest animals.”

The fall show has become a staple in the Kettle Moraine Drama Club season, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe lived up to those expectations. “Although it was stressful, the people and process were very fun,” says Boland, “It is so exciting to see your work being displayed for a huge audience to see!”

Emily Giombi
December, 2015