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A Spike in School Spirit

On Friday, November 13th, the Kettle Moraine High School boy’s volleyball team went to the Wisconsin State tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Students of every grade were excited for the team and couldn’t wait to attend the quarter-finals game against Kenosha Indian Trail during the school day. Students showed school spirit by attending the game on Friday to cheer on the boys.

A total of 368 students, from each of the campus’ four schools, traveled on buses to Wisconsin Lutheran College. The KMHS student section, all dressed in spirit wear, was massive in comparison to the Indian Trail’s student section. The amount of cheering that went on throughout the game was enough to fire up anyone in sight.  All of the students from the KMHS campus worked together to encourage our team.“The crowd is part of what fuels all the adrenaline that runs inside of your body in the game, which helps you play better,” says junior middle hitter, Conner Lilly.  It was a great bonding experience to build a sense of community. This event was the perfect opportunity for all of the KM Nation to support their peers during a big moment in their high school careers.  

The Lasers came in second place at the state finals. The team ended with a great record of 2-1 in the tournament. The team deserves lots of recognition for their hard work. Setter, Nick Davies, was even given the award of best setter in the state. Although they didn’t end up winning, the Laser nation is still proud of the boys and their second place win. The boys are looking forward to next year’s season and hope to do just as well, if not better. “I think we have a decent shot, even though we're gonna lose 6 of our 7 starters, we still have a strong senior and junior class for next year, we just need to work and train hard in the off-season and get ready for our sectional for next year,” Lilly explains.

Great job boys, and good luck in the future!


Jessie Tischaefer and Maria Gervasio

December, 2015