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Three Shows, Two Nights, One Act!

What do contemporary art, a squad of cheerleaders, and the three little pigs have in common? Try the 2015 Student Directed One Acts Festival! This unique production gives students the ability to participate in the One Act show through acting, being part of the backstage crew, and even directing their own show.

The One Acts Festival provides an annual opportunity for aspiring directors and stage managers alike. Kiara Miller, co-director of Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit describes the experience: “I think that if you get the chance to be a director, do it. I feel like it improves yourself in more ways than one, but mostly you get that understanding for each other that you should really have when you’re working together.”

The One Act Festival puts the reins into the hands of the students to ensure that they are prepared for the curtain to come up. “It still always amazes me to see how our student directors rise to the challenge of fully producing their own shows with the limited time and resources they are given,” says Abby Kean, head drama director and supervisor for the One Act Festival. “It is one of the ‘highs’ of my teaching year to see how much has been absorbed through previous production work.”

This year's mix of shows provided a variety of entertainment. To indulge anyone’s sweet tooth, Tamsin Olson directed Sharks in the Custard. After dessert, the audience skipped the stairs and took the elevator - but it got stuck - in The Absolute Most Clichéd Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe directed by Emily Giombi. For the fairytale lovers, a crime mystery twist was put on classic fables in Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit directed by Kiara Miller and Cas Mayhall.

"All of the shows were hilarious, and the fact that they were put together by students is really cool!” says Abby Blue, a regular theatre patron. “Everything was so smoothly executed and run, and it makes me super excited to see what happens with the One Acts next year!" All in all, the 2015 One Act Festival was well received and left a buzz for the festivals to come.


Emily Giombi

October, 2016